Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finding Time

My house is up early today.

No real reason why. And even though our kids can't/don't get out of their beds until a decent hour, the cooing from Caden's room and the singing from Caylah's can make for a lot of "action" around the house.

Even when it's a calm morning, though, it's difficult for me to find time to spend in quiet. Between getting ready for work, comparing daily schedules with my wife, and getting the day started with the kids, alone time - much less quiet time - is tough to come across.

I have been telling myself that it's just the stage we're in. It's because our kids are so young and require so much of our attention that I have an excuse to not worry about setting that time aside now. Once they get older, it'll be easier. The problem was that I was talking with a woman who has two teenagers and she was bemoaning the same reality that I was - making sure her kids got up, and taking them from here to there, and getting them through their day - that was making it tough for her find that solitude as well.

I guess it's just a matter of doing it...somehow. Getting up early, or stealing away midday, or grabbing time at night. Rarely will quiet time just fall in my lap, but needs to be something I pursue. It's important for me, and for my family.

How do you make that time to spend in solitude or quiet as a dad with small kids? Why is it important to you?

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