Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Time Has Come

I love the holiday season. Christmas music is being played on the radio. Shopping malls are decorated, and Santa's spot to sit and hear all of the wishes of the little boys and girls is set up and ready to be occupied. I'm already making plans to get our tree, and can almost smell the pine scent in my house. Nothing can ruin my joy at this "most wonderful time of the year."

Well, almost nothing.

We're approaching the thing that I have dreaded more than anything else, save Caylah's wedding day. I knew it would come, but knowing it's coming and have it actually arrive are two completely different things. If I had a "bejesus," it would be scared out of me at the thought.

It's potty-training time.

My wife says that our daughter is ready. I have no idea how she knows that. I guess that's where the "mommy instinct" comes in. To me, it seems like Caylah is more content than ever to use every ounce of her diaper and have that be that. Nevertheless, they brought back enough toilet books from the library the other day to potty-train an army and we've begun using the phrase "big girl" in every third sentence. Underwear is going to be shopped for, and M&M's (her prize candy of choice) are being bought in such bulk that you'd think we were stocking a bomb shelter. If she can be prepped for an event of this magnitude, we're doing it.

Still, I've heard horror stories of families trying for multiple weekends, devoting time to nothing else other than making continuous trips to the potty, stopping only to eat and sleep. And it still doesn't work. Some put tarps down in their house (?!?!?!) and just let their kids run around naked until they just magically decide they want to go to the bathroom in the bathroom (somehow, that seems to be effective).

Don't get me wrong. I want our daughter to be potty-trained. It just freaks me out. So I need your help, dads. I'd love to hear your experiences with potty-training. What did you do right? What do you wish you had done differently? What "method" did you use and how did it go? Thanks so much!


  1. I'm not a dad...but I have successfully trained two girls. OK, so they may have done more training of ME than I did of them, but that is beside the point. lol

    I started noticing that upon inspection of the first morning diaper, that it was consistently dry, so I figured it was time to start the boot camp. I too used "big girl" in every sentence and attempted bribery, only to realize I was being rewarded more for my patience than she was for using the potty (which she do do about 1/2 the time). Then suddenly one day, it just clicked with her...she turned to me and said "I'm not a little girl anymore..." and from that day forward she was the potty queen.

    With girly number #2 she was a bit more abstinent about it...she out right refused to go NEAR the potty. She didn't care a thing for bribes, being a big girl...nothing. At my wits end...I was talking to another friend of mine. She gave me the best calming advice I had received, she said "Amy, we both know that she isn't going to be going to kindergarten in diapers, that when she's ready...she'll just do it." She also went on to say that the pressure from other kids when she went into daycare (which she was in a matter of weeks after this) would probably convert her. SURE enough, two days into daycare...she came home and announced that "the other kids called me a baby for having a diaper and I am not going to have a diaper anymore" and from that day forward...she didn't. So she essential trained herself...

    So I'm going to give the same advice...she will not be in kindergarten and wearing diapers...and she will do it in her time. That encouragement is always an amazing tool but don't stress too much...she'll be grown before you know it...


  2. Thanks, Amy, that's awesome! I really appreciate the insight!

  3. Im not a dad but for this year I am a mom to over twenty kids. Two of which we are potty training. They are twins. When they say they have to wee we let them go to the toilet. Sometimes they do sometimes they dont. We give them great amounts of attention when they do go wee or poo in the toilet. There are accidents. You take a deep breath and change their undies and go on. It's all a learning process.They are learning you are learning.

    By the way C I love reading your blog and following up on your family. Can't believe you are a daddy of two. Seems like just yesterday we were sitting in Wimpy talking about the two of you having kids. I just know you are an awesome dad.

    1. Thanks, Becca! Great advice and I really appreciate the encouragement. A lot sure has happened since meals at Wimpy, huh? Crazy!